solar panel bird proofing

Solar Panel Bird Proofing - Protect Your Solar Panel Investment

Solar panels can provide the perfect harbourage for pest birds, especially pigeons. This can cause untold damage to the panels incurring in high costs for you.

DB Bird Deterrents are the specialists when it comes to solar panel proofing, with a multitude of working at height tools and equipment, we can ensure safe and time/cost effective treatments for our clients.

We use a very solid galvanised steel mesh which is far superior to roll mesh. The mesh comes in sheets, not rolls, with a thick gauge of wire that requires industrial cutters to cut it to size. As such it enables our technicians to shape the mesh not just to your panel configuration, but also to the rides of your roof tiles if they deem it necessary to stop birds getting back under solar panels.

Highly Skilled Solar Panel Proofing

Our expert technicians will remove all nesting materials and bird guano from under the panels, they will then treatment accessible areas with a biocide spray to kill off any harmful bacteria or pathogens lurking amongst nesting areas, all the while ensuring no damage is caused to the panels.

No damage to the panels and their warranty is the most important thing, therefore we will only use specialist panel wire clips for our proofing works. This is instead of drilling/gluing/cable tying to attach wire, all of these can damage the panels, will not hold for years to come & drilling will make the warranty of the panels invalid.

Although the clips take a more expert level of work to fit and it can be a slower process to fit them, we will always ensure the correct treatment is undertaken for your property. All of our solar panel work comes with a lifetime guarantee.

We have solar panel proofing teams available throughout the UK including London, Kent, Essex, Brighton Cambridge, Luton, Oxford, Leicester, Watford, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool.