pigeon poo clean up

Bird Droppings - Site Disinfection & Cleaning

It is essential that bird guano and nesting materials do not build up around areas close to human activity. The guano carries harmful pathogens and bird mites, the acidic content in the guano can also cause damage to the structures it sits on and can become slippery when wet, causing a public health issue.

Nesting materials are prone to causing blockages in gullies and down pipes and can damage solar panels. Very often we are called in to clean air con units and solar panels as the contractors will not touch them until they have been disinfected and our specialist reports will give you proof of that.

Our expert cleaning technicians will be in full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and correct respiratory equipment. They adhere to our strict cleaning procedures to ensure themselves, the client and the public remain safe whilst work is ongoing, the waste is then removed by our registered waste carriers.

Finally, once all materials have been removed and cleaned, our technicians will spray all surfaces with Pro grade Biocide chemicals to make the area safe to work. It is important that proofing and deterrent works are carried out straight away after cleaning has finished as pest birds are very persistent and shall return to the nesting point as soon as the are is clear.

We have cleaning and disinfection teams covering London, Kent, Essex, Brighton Cambridge, Luton, Oxford, Leicester, Watford, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and throughout the UK.