effective pest bird removal

Pest Bird Removal

Although we try to ensure most of our work entails no harm comes to the pest birds, there is sometimes no other option than to dispatch and remove birds.


Our fully trained, qualified and insured shooters have all passed our own inhouse regulations and expectations before they can travel and use an air rifle in their work. Our in house training insures each technician is aware of all legislation to follow when dealing with the removal of pest birds, they have extensive training on the safe use of air rifles, from carrying it in their vehicles to taking each individual shot.

We follow a BEYOND ZERO HARM protocol, and so the technician will not undertake any work unless there is ZERO risk to themselves, the public and/or other staff on the premises. We also ensure our technicians can get a confirmed kill as often as possible and they will not take shots if they are only going to harm the bird.

Shooting may be needed in an area where birds have been nesting for a while and after proofing, they may move to the nearest available area. We work with the local police force during every shoot providing a completely safe environment for the shooting.

Live Cage Traps

Multi live cage traps can be a great tool to successfully reduce the numbers of pigeons active in the area. pigeons are intelligent hardy creatures and will be determined to nest in the same areas, if that is not possible due to proofing then they will find the next closest option. In this scenario to completely rid you of your pigeon bird a live cage trapping programme may be needed.

A live multi catch trap will be set in the area of activity and will be inspected regularly and bird removed. This is a specialist task, and our technicians are fully up to date with the latest legislation in dealing with the pest birds. It is vital that no undue stress or suffering is caused to the animal.

Dead Bird Removal

For a quick removal of a dead bird contact us now for a quick and professional service with a complimentary disinfection of the area.

We have bird removal teams covering London, Kent, Essex, Brighton Cambridge, Luton, Oxford, Leicester, Watford, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and throughout the UK.