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Post and Wire Bird Deterrent - Discreet Effective Bird Deterrents

Proofing with tensioned bird wire is popular where proofing for birds needs to be effective, but as discreet as possible. Post and wire bird deterrents can be used to stop pigeons, seagulls, crows and other large birds landing and can be fitted virtually anywhere. It is ideal on long, exposed ledges on large properties and public and historic buildings, rooftop edges, beams, pipes, parapets and balustrades.

Post and wire bird proofing works in carefully measured rows by creating an uneven landing surface, making it almost impossible for the birds to land and perch, and so they move on. And the beauty is that bird wire deterrent solutions are not only highly effective, but also virtually invisible from ground level. It is the most discreet bird proofing system available.

Discreet, Effective Bird Deterrents For Historic Buildings

Thin, nylon coated stainless steel bird barrier wire is attached to posts and tensioned using a system of posts, crimps and springs. Modern systems allow the posts to be secured using glue if needed, in situations where drilling is impossible or un-desirable, even onto glass and metal.

DB Bird Deterrents have post and wire bird deterrent teams available throughout the UK including London, Kent, Essex, Brighton Cambridge, Luton, Oxford, Leicester, Watford, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool.