seagull deterrent

Seagull Deterrent - Effective Solutions For Problems with Gulls

Seagulls are aggressive and cause a regular nuisance in coastal cities and in more recent years, in inland regions. Large amounts of their bird droppings can result in structural damage and block gutters.

The seagull's physical size and aggressive nature, especially at times of nesting can also lead to attacks on the general public and employees.

Seagulls will roost on the highest points of a roof, usually the ridge, chimneys or along the highest flat roof. If you are able to prevent seagulls from landing on these areas they will often leave the property for good.

Seagull Control Experts

Gulls are scavenging birds which means that they can eat almost everything – starting from ordinary rubbish/food waste to bugs and mice. On top of that, there are many cases when flocks of gulls have caused problems to aircraft flying close to the ground. We have over 10 years of experience and knowledge in gull behaviour ensuring that our recommendations will be both affordable and effective.

DB Bird Deterrents have seagull control teams covering London, Kent, Essex, Brighton Cambridge, Luton, Oxford, Leicester, Watford, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and throughout the UK. With a wealth of experience & expertise you can be assured of 100% satisfaction with all our gull control work.